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Friday, October 27, 2006

Shopping for Double Glazing

I certainly wasn't looking forward to this. There are so many companies. How can you choose the best? How do you know the cowboys?

My selection procedure started with scouring websites many of which are at the bottom of this post (if anyone else is having to do this it may be a good start).

We then asked for brochures - many don't offer this. We then decided on only 4 companies to ask to quote. Beware that most will offer you a no-obligation quote - but it could mean an hour or so spent in with a salesperson.

After reviewing the brochures and websites and using online review forums we made our decision based on quality and integrity of company and good value.

On our system we have decided to ask the following companies to quote for us: A&A Windows, Anglian Windows, Crystal Windows and 1st Sash Windows.

I'll post my feedback as they quote.

Please comment if you have experience of any of these companies.

Window companies (added as result of a reader's comment - thanks Ray)

Regulatory Bodies


Anonymous Ray said...

My double glazing installationists were Chelsea windows ( The installation was quick and tidy and was completed within 5 hours. It was a 1 man, 2 boy team who I must say could have been more tidily dressed.

The double glazing has made an enormous difference compared to my old single glazing windows; it is so much warmer and quieter.

The windows themselves are of high quality and build, however that said the button on the handle on the window in my bathroom has malfunctioned just a few days ago, it has lost it’s spring/ push action so now the window won’t ‘click’ shut correctly. I am due to phone Chelsea windows as the windows are under warranty so they should come out and fix the issue, also due to the fact that the windows where only just installed.

October 31, 2006 11:15 pm  

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